I Failed.

What do you do when you have only a few friends to actually spend your time with? They turn out to be your best friends. We stay with them…dont we? And when we feel they are going away from us..we try our best to keep them in our life.

I tried too.

Being around people you love is probably the best feeling. And no one wants to live a life without friends however sometimes situations bring us to a point where we have to let go even when it kills us and rips us apart. I value one relation the most because I grew up in a hostel without my family and my friends were all that I had to call as a family. To me a FRIEND is a blessing.

Sadly I couldnt be a good friend. And I had to let go of them. I couldnt afford to keep them. I know I have failed but I know I did try. The circumstances made me fail. Sometimes we just have to let go for good. Good for others. Even if I couldnt be a good friend. I am sure someone better than me will probably fill my gap. I  dont have a friend to share to anymore. I have lovely human + friend who is in Scotland right now. Except her I dont really have anyone to talk to. But I have this blog. I have my readers. I hope I can do something of myself in the near future so one day I can walk up to them and say,

“I know I wasnt the best and I know I’ve hurt you but I did it! I could be the one you once wanted me to be.”

I’ll miss them everyday but I know I’ve done a good thing by letting go because I cant take more than I can give. They’ve done a lot for me. And I have nothing to say to them but Sorry and Thank You for being a light in my life. 🙂







21 thoughts on “I Failed.

  1. Why so sad dear, it’s okay if people walk away, maybe they were not there to stay, there are so many amazing people around, you’ll find the ones best for you, the ones who bring the best out of you and make you happy in life ☺☺

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  2. Idk much about it😅. But you don’t fail until you yourself give up. You have written that you let go off them for the other persons own good😯..not being brutal but really why did you decide on their behalf🤔.. if I ever have a best friend il do whatever possible to get back and until I don’t. Give up its not over. Here over doesn’t mean I let go off them for their own good but it was for my sake. Cuz all my friends are capable of making that choice. Just think about this.😅 Food for your thought😊😊 take care.😘

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