New days for blogposts.

Hey lovely jovely readers ❀

I know its been a while that I haven’t written anything..that is because I have my exams coming (need to study 😦 ). Its an entrance exam for Fashion Designing. Its on 12th February. Wish me luck ❀ really need that πŸ™‚

However I was planning everything on my bullet journal yesterday and I have planned out everything for February. So there will be 2 posts a week. That is every Wednesday and Saturday. And as Monday is my YouTube video uploading day so I’ll just repost it on my blog every Monday. πŸ™‚

Anyways, how is your year going so far? I know its only been a month so far…but if you have any resolutions how are they going? I am really proud of myself to be honest. I’ve done good so far plus enjoyed every day of January and was soo motivated. Be sure to check my YouTube channel this Monday because I will be uploading a video about Motivation and Procrastination.

I should be going now. Need to clean my makeup and go to bed. If its morning/evening/afternoon for you then Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon. πŸ˜€ Or else Goodnight ❀

Take Care.

Debo x ❀

P.S – Sorry I havent replied to all the comments but I will soon. Just want you all to know that they mean a lot and actually keeps me going ❀ Thank you soo much ❀



11 thoughts on “New days for blogposts.

  1. All the best for the entrance exam.

    And regarding resolutions, I didn’t make any as I kind of knew that I am going to carry forward them to the next year like I did the previous year and the year before that.

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