Ishq or išq- (Arabic: عشق‎‎, Urdu: عشق‎, Persian: عشق‎‎, Central Kurdish: عیشق‎) in classical Persian, literally means ‘love’.

A very delicate word. However I am in Ishq with the word Ishq.
I prefer saying Ishq rather than Love.
Recently I have been thinking a lot about this word…how it feels when it happens and how will you know when it does? Is everything happy and beautiful or sad and painful?

When asked to people they have soo many meaning to just one word. Every being is either in search of some ishq or already has it. Some already have it but lose it to stupidity or bad luck. Some just fall in love with the thought.
I am one of those people who are in love with the thought. Nowadays people use the word “Love” for everything and anything that it no longer feels special to me. However whenever I say Ishq it just makes me happy. It’s just same meaning of 2 different words. And you might think I am completely crazy but honestly I hear people say I love you every now and then that it no longer means anything or just feels special. It has no depth. On the other hand Ishq sounds like it has soo many meaning to it. It has a deeper meaning to it.

4 letters and same meaning but just holds 2 completely different feeling to it. But then obviously people might have different views and that is absolutely fine. This is just what I have been feeling lately.

हममें इश्क से इश्क है | I am in Ishq with Ishq. ❤

Debo x


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