Maybelline Fit Me Foundation fits me perfectly.

Hello ❤

It’s been a long time that I have been using this foundation and I am really impressed. The shade of my foundation is 322 Warm Honey Miel Doux. The foundation gives a really nice smooth matte touch to the skin. It mattifies and gives the skin a whole new touch. My skin always breaks out when its that time of the month and then when it’s gone…I am left with spots :/ Soo not cool! However this darling in a bottle is my saviour at that time. The best thing about this is it blends into your skin soo nicely that you wont even feel that you have any foundation on, which is a great thing for a foundation.

I have seen millions of people using the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and there is absolutely no age barrier to it. Its great especially for the starters.

I surely have received a heck ton of benefits while using this foundation. It gives my skin a smooth touch and makes it look flawless. The coverage is amazing! Hides all my pores and mattifies the skin. It blends really good into the skin and doesnt leave any stroke lines. I usually put it on in the morning and take it off at night and never have had patchy bits on my skin. Thats a huge plus point because previously the foundation that I was using was a master in turning patchy and nasty. The best thing about this foundation is that it perfectly matches to your skin tone.

There is a huge range of shades when it comes to finding the perfect foundation from the Fit Me Foundation collection. As I said before, mine is 322 Warm Honey. I might just buy another shade lighter because sometimes I feel it makes me look a little tan. And as for the price, its honestly cheap if compared to the product 419 INR. Well all the shades have a little different prices. I ordered mine from Amazon, Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation.

As there is a lot of pros to this product. There is one thing that I’d also mention is that if you’re wearing a white outfit and plan to put on this foundation, just make sure you dont wipe it on your outfit because it does leave foundation stains. I have never used a setting spray after using this foundation so I cant tell if that would work but it certainly leaves stain. Other than that I’d give this foundation a 4 out of 5 🙂  And if there is any newbie looking for a good foundation but in a cheaper price then this is your product right here.

Have you ever used this foundation? If so, what’s your take on it? Leave your comments down below. Plus if you know any better substitution to this leave that down below as well. I hope this has helped you. ❤

Take Care

Debo ❤

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