The heart that turned stone..

The heart craves for love, unconditional, comforting true love.

The heart never thinks, it goes for it.

It breaks.

A heart of stone can be turned into a heart. But a heart turning into a stone is a disaster. A hurricane of emotions, thoughts, feelings. Just like a hurricane lasts for a few minutes but destroys everything, leaves no hope. Similarly the heart then stops feeling every little thing it once felt. The hurricane stops and destroys everything it once felt and its then gone forever.

However that’s not painful anymore. Heartbreaks are painful, but when a heart turns stone..the Pain becomes the Power!

My pain is now my POWER! I have turned it into my power. I soon realized nobody will be there for me, but me. And if I break down, then I will be squashed like a fly. Everybody is busy in this world and they have their own problems to solve. So do I. And sitting in my room crying wasn’t going to help me. So all that pain was suddenly a hurricane. I was too numb to feel anything. And before I knew my heart had turned stone. It stopped feeling.

My pain became my only power!

My power made my trembling legs iron hard. My power wiped my tears and my eyes have not seen them since then. My power brought my smile back..a smile that shows confidence. My power is now seen through my eyes…a twinkle of hell and heaven. I am way more powerful than I ever was, and nothing..NOTHING can stop me from my dream.

To me a few of my friends, my family, my cat and my blog family is everything. This forum is actually a part of my family. Without this Deboleena Biswas wouldn’t have been anything.

I need to be a BOSS. A boss who rules her own life.

All I want to say is that when a heart turns soo hard, it is only because it has been in soo much pain that it stops beating for anyone else. Stone hearted people arent evil. They are just too strong.

I have been thinking about writing this post for soo long now and I finally did it. I dont know what kind of comments will I receive but I will be honest with this part of my life with you all. 🙂

Take Care ❤


3 thoughts on “The heart that turned stone..

  1. So inspiring! Many people simply drown in their ocean of sorrows but only few decide to fight back and make that pain their strength. Love your post! :*


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