WTF Is going on?

The heading? Yeah..I have no idea myself.

March was kind of a month where I hibernated the whole time. A lot of stuff has happened. A bit of heartbreak.. Also I passed the 1st test for getting into my dream institute! That’s probably the silver lining to the whole month.

I’ve been really disappointed with myself because January and February went really productive but something about March just made me go MEH… Its not like I was depressed or I had been crying my heart out the whole month. I was happy. I have shopped a heck load and did some fun photoshoots as well. But I’ve been really demotivated to upload videos or blogposts. All in all I wasn’t productive at all. Everything that I had planned for March didnt just happen. Everyday I woke up and just did things I wanted and became an enemy to my schedule.

But I am gonna see a silver lining to the whole thing – I needed a holiday from everything. From workout schedules to planning blogposts and videos. However I’ve just ordered a new planner and am eagerly waiting for it to come so that I can get my sh*t together and not have a pity party on myself. Plus I passed the test!!! Yayy! Though there is more hurdles to come soon but for now. I am really proud of myself and thankful to a person who actually made me believe that I could do it. And obviously thank you all for your lovely wishes when I had posted a post before my exam. ❤ Love you guys to the moon and back. x

I am just gonna go and be a BOSS ASS BITCH for April. ❤ 😀

Hope you’ve had a great day and Happy April Fools :p

Take Care. ❤

Debo x.


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