Touch of Royal.

Rajputani shoot-5

Hello ! ❤

Umm…so yeah I look pretty dolled up :p don’t I?

First things first…I am not getting married or this isnt any sort of hint for the big day :p I will soon be turning 20 :p Let me live. I tried to do a royal look I once saw while scrolling through Pinterest as we do. And since then I had saved the image to try it out. So that’s the reason behind this whole look.

Other than that, India is known for a lot of reasons and one of them is the ethnicity of this country. Women did not only doll up on their wedding day! Lets go through our history and look at the beautiful Queens India has seen. ❤ And for me I see this look as being a Queen (not every Queen had her King) and no bride. ❤ I fall in love with everything traditional! Something about our Indian fashion just makes me feel royal. I am pretty sure when people of other countries wear their traditional clothes, they feel the same way. We all do.

I hope I have made some Indian readers happy or proud perhaps and non-Indian readers know a bit about our traditional look. 😀

The things that I am wearing in the photos above (with the links) –

Face : 

Jewellery :

  • Maangtika/Head Accessory – An Exhibition collection.
  • Nose Ring – Amazon.
  • Necklace and Earrings –  Zaveri Pearls.


Saree : A small boutique near my house.

See you all soon.

Take Care. ❤

Debo. x


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