A reason to live?

Going through social media, I often see statuses stating they have no reason to live for or their life sucks because there isn’t anything good in it. Well to such statuses the reason behind it is mostly breakups, broken heart talks, failed an exam, fought with someone close or something really bad happened.

But, life goes on.


However mainly half of the time it’s breakups and heart broken talks that’s writing all that. Let’s be honest here, there is more of heartbroken quotes floating on the Internet than inspirational or motivational quotes. And some or the other heart break quotes just matches our one time situation and we start living life that way.
This is like a over said thing but it’s true to every letter!
There are people who have their whole life in front of them just waiting with open arms and they still can’t find reasons whereas their are some amount of people present in the same planet begging for a little time just to maybe see their loved ones smile one more day. I know people who are living life on edge but the way they live, it is unbelievable!

I’ll tell you something from my own life. I’ve known this girl since I was born. I’ve played with her when I was young. I won’t name her or go into much detail but if she’s reading she’ll understand. So we’re nearly the same age. And a few months back I came to know about something that’s been in her life for a long time. Something she’s struggling since she was a little girl. This literally broke my heart. I was soo upset that whole day because I couldn’t believe it. She’s always smiling. You’ll never imagine what’s going on with her. As much as it breaks my heart, it also gives me courage that she’s living life more beautifully than I am. She’s anyway beautiful but what makes her more beautiful is the way she’s living. Whenever I feel I can’t do it. She’s literally my strength to go on. If she can enjoy her life even with the war she’s fighting from I don’t know when, then anyone can enjoy their life.

So to all those who has no reason to live for, let me give you a reason or should I say a heck ton of reasons?
Don’t live your life because you have to. Enjoy your life because it’s a gift! Go out to your nearest coffee shop and grab your favourite drink or cake. Have it even if you’re alone in there. You’re having you’re favourite snack or drink what more could you want? Call your friends or just go alone on a trip? Even if it’s a 3 hours bus ride from your home. Start saving money for a trip you’ve imagined for since you were a child and then just pack your bags and go! Learn new languages and travel to foreign places. Take pictures, discover and eat new foods you’ve never tried or known. Fulfill your wildest dream and cross a country on a bicycle. Make your bucket list of things you want to do like Bungee jumping, kayaking or hiking up to the peak of the mountain and screaming “Chumma chumma de de.” (“Give me kiss, kiss.”)
There is soo much more to life than just a mere breakup! I’ve had a broken heart and I still do. But with time everything heals and sometimes scars disappear too. Look at your face, remember the time you had that gross ugly pimple on your face and thought it will ruin your life? Well, it’s gone now. And the scars gone too.
I see Life as a little child. If you show a bit of love? It just gives you soo much more than you can think of. Once you both fall in love, everything just falls in place with the touch of love.

Trust me, I have been there where I wanted to end my life because I found no reason but guess what? I am still here, typing away and telling others to live. If that’s not a positive change? Then I don’t know what is.

I hope this helps anyone or if you know someone, then please share it. So that they can make their bucket list and start living their life. And if you don’t have a bucket list then just look at all the cancer patients fighting everyday but would still smile whenever you see them or the guy who’s leg was amputated but has rock climbed more than a person with legs could do. The world is your home. Run around and there’s a reason everywhere.

Take care.

Debo. x


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