My Skincare Routine.

Hey beauts! ❤

I know some people love to take care of their skin and religiously follow their skincare routine. However, I am a little careless about it. I know that’s bad but *story of a lazy girl.* But now as I have turned 20 even though I dont look like one I should start taking care of my skin a little more.

So I have started a little skincare routine of my own with a few products that I am loving! ❤ So, lets get on with that.

The photo above shows the order of how I use each product.

So, first I start with cleansing my face, be it day or night. Gotta cleanse all the nasty stuff out of that face. I use the Bio Pineapple – Oil Control Foaming Face Wash to cleanse my face. It is meant for normal to oily skin type and as it is I have an exceptionally oily skin. I find this cleanser to be perfect for my skin. Some foaming face washes dry out the skin completely but this one just cleans the face and instantly makes you feel the freshness your skin feels. It is 100% soap-free. The cleansing gel is blended with extracts of Pineapple, Neem leaves, Euphorbia plant and clove oil to dissolve makeup, purge pores and purify the complexion. I dont use any makeup remover so I just wash my face with this and I kid you not..I have no makeup left.

The next thing I’ll do is use this scrub my face. Though I dont scrub everyday, I scrub my face twice a week. However, I love this scrub because whenever I accumulate blackheads and then exfoliate, they are just gone! It leaves my skin feel soo soft and polish! And that means something because I have a blemish prone skin and it doesnt feel polish all the time with little bumps but after exfoliating my face with this it just feels polish, clean and soft. This scrub is for normal to dry skin type. Even though I have an oily skin type I dont have any problem with it. The exfoliating scrub is blended with pure walnut oil, rich in Vitamin A and lecithin, extracts of Neem, mint, fenugreek and red sandalwood to purify and polish skin texture. Sweeps away dry lines and leaves skin smooth, soft and spotlessly refreshed. Skin becomes more receptive to the benefits of future treatment.

The third step is toning the skin. I use the Bio Honey Water. This is for all skin types. So it doesnt matter if you have an oily skin, normal skin or dry skin this will suit your skin. This clarifying toner is blended with pure honey, aloe Vera, manjishtha, nutgalls, carrot, sandalwood, and the fresh waters found in the foothills of the Himalayas. Refreshes, tones and brightens the complexion. Brings skin into perfect pH balance. It really does brightens the face and cleans it completely. I just have a few drops of it on my cotton pad and wipe my face with it and all the remaining dirt/makeup comes off. Honey is the nectar of life, composed of healing, brightening sugars and minerals known to purify, heal and soothe the skin. So if your acne has popped or you just have really dry skin that is cracking then this would absolutely heal it.

My fourth step is the very famous Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel. I’ll be very honest, I doubted every product of Patanjali but recently I have been a very decent buyer of Patanjali products. Especially this gel. Bought 3 of them already. I apply a thick layer of the gel on my face and let it dry on its own. It reduces wrinkles under the eyes, cures blemishes, removes pigmented spots. However, if you have a dry skin then I dont know how it would be for you because the gel dries and it might feel very dry on the skin but as I have an oily skin, I dont face any problem. I am loving it soo much. This is perfect for that time of the month when you get a bit more acne/spots/blemishes. Just apply a nice layer of the gel and watch them little beasty vanish.

The fifth step is using this nourishing skin cream by Himalaya. I sometimes skip this part because I already have an oily skin and after putting that thick layer of that gel I just dont need to put on another cream. But if you have a dry skin then you wont have to skip this part. The cream is blended with the extracts of Aloe Vera, Winter Cherry, Indian Kino Tree and Indian Pennywort, which protect your skin from pollution and dry weather, providing nourishment and moisture.

Its finally coming to the end now. Gotta finish it with some good lip balm and this balm is perfect for dehydrated or chapped lips. I tend to bite my lips a lot and then I’ll just apply this and by the next day my lip will feel like baby soft skin. It is a colored lip balm so it looks pretty too. This lip balm is blended with Arjun Bark, Lodhra Bark, Vach Root, Mulethi Root, Badam Oil, Surajmukhi oil, Kusumbhi oil, Erandi Oil, Til Oil, Marham Base Q.S.

  • Castor Oil

And the last step is putting on some castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes. Though I have mixed the castor oil with some coconut oil and Vitamin E. This concoction is the secret behind my lashes. It makes them thicker and longer. And as it is that I have sparse looking eyebrows so this concoction helps to grow. It really works.  Give it a try if you dont believe. You’ll be amazed by the results.

So this is how my skincare routine goes. It doesn’t matter if its night or morning. I just do the same before going to bed or after waking up. I will do reviews about the products I mentioned here. So that  you can know more about each of the products. I really dont use high end products but they just work wonder because previously I have tried to maintain a skincare routine but the products sometimes reacted on my skin or some of them never showed any results. But this time all of the products mentioned above are absolutely amazing.

Give it a try if you want. Let me know if you any one of these products. Would love to know what you think about it too.


Debo x.



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