Makeover with Gold.


Lets try something How about applying gold on our faces? πŸ˜€ Sound a little crazy right? :p But Biotique has a facial kit with Gold Bhasma. Plus side..? You dont have to go to any parlour or book a lady to do your facial. Just do it in your home wearing your favourite pjs. Yes! You read that right!

I bought this pack for sudden plans and parties where you need to look a little more glam than usual but your skin isn’t on your side. Just use this and get a gold radiance. So this Gold Radiance Facial Kit with Gold Bhasma by Biotique is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G (!!!) Whenever I feel a little crappy about my skin or just want a little more pamper sesh than usual, I off with this pack. πŸ˜€

The pack contains:

  1. Gold Radiance Face Scrub.
  2. Gold Radiance Massage Gel.
  3. Gold Radiance Peel Off Mask.
  4. Gold Radiance Face Cream.
  5. Free Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector.


So firstly you use the scrub then apply the massage gel. Nicely massage your face and then wash off. The third step is to apply the mask. So now, for me I just love peel off masks ❀ So this is literally my favourite step. I wait for it to dry and then comes my favourite part where I get to peel it off. And for the last but not the least step, apply the cream. All these products just smell soo good. The smell is like a fresh scent. Probably of the citrus oils in it. But this pack gives a free product too. The Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector. So for me that worked really well and it finished. 😦 (I obviously had a lot of spots so it just finished.) Another information about this brand is that they dont do animal testing. So if you’re looking for a non animal cruelty brand, I’ll recommend this. I have completely fallen in love with this brand because a) It really does what it says and b) They dont test on animals.

I will recommend this to any one who loves a good facial because with this you can just be at home and just go for a quickie glow. The price of this pack is 235 INR. The size of the pack is 75gm. Will I buy it again? Absolutely.

So, will this be your next purchase? Does it make you wanna have that golden glow on your face too? Let me know in the comments below. ❀ Hope you day is going good.


Take care.

Debo x.


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