Magic Liner & Kate Lip

Hello! 😀

These two have saved me from a lot of urgent cases. And I’d like to introduce them to you today.

I bought this after I saw Zoe (Zoella) ramble about it for years. And now I know why she loves it soo much. It has a creamy formula. It doesnt feel dry on your lips even though its more like a matte lipstick. The price of this lipstick is 275 INR and its worth every freaking penny!! If I am in a hurry and I just wanna look a little presentable, this is my saviour. I know, for a fact a lot of people have this and Hey! I too have joined your fam! 😀 I’d recommend this to every lipstick lover out there.

So a few months back I was on a hunt for an eyeliner. I always prefer the pen liners because it’s just easier for me to put on. However I found this from as you already see the name, Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner – Super Black 01. It was on sale when I bought it so I got for 199 INR but it’s original price is 299 INR, which is not bad at all.
It has melt, crack and run resistant properties which is good especially if you live in a humid area. Which is why I really liked it. It is water resistant and stays upto 10 hours. The brush is very refined which makes it easy to apply thin lines. The pigmentation of it is really good. However if you’re looking for a matte liner then probably you wouldn’t like it. It’s on the shinier side.
One problem I have with this liner is that when it dries it feels like a sticker on the lids. It just dries too much that it makes my eyes twitch. I don’t know if anyone else you’ve used it felt this way but I certainly have felt this and my mum too. Let me know if you’ve used this and felt this way.
Other than that this little bottle has served me good.
I’d recommend this but if you’re a matte liner person then maybe not.

And if you know a liner pen that is really good please leave your comment because I am still looking for one.

Take Care ❤

Debo x.


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