Where the Magic Happens.

So you all may know how much I love decorating and rearranging my room. I get bored and unproductive if I have the same decor for a long time, so I always keep them changing so I dont feel monotonous with the look of the room. But this time I really like how my workspace looks. I am a little too organised (…or a control freak) :p I do have a colour theme to my room..Monochrome with greens. However my workspace looks a little monochromatic but all my creativity comes from this place. A little Hogwarts in my room.

Though I have a few bits to add. Like black and white Polaroid pictures on top where the colored ones are hanged. A little pot of Ivy plant on a corner of a shelve and an Areca Palm beside the table where at the moment I have some brown paper rolls. But for now I am quite pleased.

The Vintage notebook is actually my sketchbook and where I draw stuff that inspire me or sometimes play with colours just to get myself inspired again. That little Buddha is a recent gift from Mum when she went to Pelling. And just by those I have a glass jar/container full of Potpourri. On the other side I have my pens,brushes and pencil colours. My glasses and a Black nail paint from Oriflame.

There are some books that I wanted on my table but didn’t go with the colour theme I was wanting so I covered them with White paper. Kept a few that did with the colour theme. The black and silver framed photo was a gift from a lovely friend on my birthday. There is another round frame with a photo of mine when I went to my aunt’s place. The little hanging decor saying “Happy Place” is a DIY I did a long time back.

And finally, this is where I design or just write my blog. Those are my designs and that man is my inspiration to go on. Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee. One of the best fashion designer. He inspires me every time I feel like I am not enough or my work isn’t enough.

So this is my workspace. A little area from my room. 🙂

Take Care. ❤

Debo x.


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