Exotic Spritz ft. Neesh Perfumes.

Hello beauts! ❤

So, Neesh Perfumes recently sent me their pikpack perfumes. Now, you may think what is pikpack ? The Neesh Pikpack Perfumes are travel friendly perfume packs which you can carry anywhere, anytime.

Neesh ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients so that we can get a delightful and aromatic experience. The perfumes contain a very high quality fragrances and lasts up to 12 hours! 😀 Each of them are 20ML and are just for 340 INR. You can find the perfumes at Flipkart, Amazon.in, Snapdeal, and Ebay. There are 12 individual Pikpacks as well as 2 Collection pack for women and men.

What I love about the perfumes are their packaging and names. Each of them have an unique name with an attractive packaging.

  1. Zaafran E Hindustan
  2. Sultana
  3. Rose E Mohabatt
  4. Oud De Venice
  5. Belle D Oud
  6. Amour De Oud
  7. Oud E Khaas
  8. Moha Beau T
  9. Eau De Mehfil
  10. Attar-E-Neesh
  11. Attar-E-Nazakat
  12. Attar-E-Ishq

The ones I got sent are :

  • Belle D Oud – It has Honey,Berry Iran Saffron as its top note. Indian Rose, Exotic Prune as its middle note and Musk, Gark Amber as its base note. Its a very striking smell, its a very sensual and powerful smell. The combination of the musk and dark amber makes it strong but the sweet smell of honey and berries give it another side. I would suggest this to the ones who loves a good night out, date, or your wedding day.

  • Eau De Mehfil – This one has Arabian Bakhoor as its top note. The middle note contains Black Rose Patchouli and Base note has Castoreum Agarwood. The smell of this perfume brings back some childhood memories. It has an intoxicating  base and a powerful top note. If you enter a room wearing this perfume, be sure that everybody’s gonna notice you. The smell has that effect. Perfect for the ones who can rock the dance floor at the party.

  • Zaafran E Hindustan – This one has Iran Saffron, Pink Rose as its top note. White Woods and Dark Rose for its middle note. Musk and Amber for its base. This one definitely has a very aromatic touch to it. The musk, dark rose, pink rose and Iran saffron combined makes it even more exotic. The fragrance is very unique. Wear it to any occasion and make everyone notice that you’re there.

I have been loving these smell. They honestly stay up to 12 hours. If you wear it, then be prepared to be asked questions about it. The whole room would smell of you once you wear it. Its that good! ❤ I am absolutely buying more of these. Go get yours if you love a good spritz. One more thing! Youre definitely gonna love the packaging. It has some really cool and intricate designs over the box which makes it even more attractive.

Take Care ❤

Debo x


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