Down the memory lane ft. Paper Boat.

When we were all small all we wanted was to grow up. And now that we’ve grown up all we want is get back to our childhood. But that’s never coming back, is it? Thinking about it reminds me of Peter Pan.

But a few days back I got in touch with Paper Boat and they’ve sent me a pack full of childhood memories. This book “Half Pant Full Pant” written by Anand Suspi will really take you back to your childhood. This book is published by Paper Boat who brings back memories with their variety of juices.

This book contains little stories from Anand Suspi’s childhood which will immediately make you go back into your childhood. During my school days I remember as a kid I loved the Malgudi Days and if you have read that and loved it. Then you’re gonna love this book too. Every little story would remind you of some incident that may have happened in your childhood days. I absolutely recommend this book. ❀

And to enjoy the old memories have a drink from Paper Boat’s variety of juices. As for me, I enjoy Aam Panna and Jaljeera the most. But at this season, nothing can beat the taste of some Alphonso Aam! πŸ˜€ Childhood memories in mind and heart when reading the book and the taste of childhood memories while drinking. ❀ Best way to spend some alone time. ❀

Have you read this book? What is your favourite drink from Paper Boat?

Take Care ❀

Debo x


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