Peshwai for Ganesh Chaturti



Ganesh Chaturti is knocking on the door already. The start of all festivals for Indians. Now soon Navratri and on it will go. However, when we think about Ganesh Chaturti all that comes to our mind is Maharashtra’s Ganesh Chaturti. Hence, Peshwa Ganesh.

Now lets come to the point..I love how Maharashtrian women dress up in their regional way. And when the famous movie Bajirao Mastani movie released, I freaking loved Priyanka Chopra’s Kashi Bai look! ❤ So for this Ganesh Chaturti I decided to go Peshwai with a Nauvari style saree.

This saree was actually a gift from my dad to my mom. A famous fabric for saree called Kanjivaram. As it is known that girls have eyes on their mom’s wardrobe, I always had an eye on my mom’s Kanjivaram. ( can’t help it! its soo royal and gorgeous. )

So I wore the Kanjivaram draped into Nauvari style. Accessorised myself with the famous Maharashtrian nath (nore pin), A long necklace paired with a choker necklace, a pair of earrings, some bangles and the lovely bindi on my forehead. The half moon style or an alphabet from Hindi/Bengali language called Chandra Bindu. It was soo hard to draw it on my forehead. Hats off to the ladies who do it with such perfection. ❤ I also made a bun behind my head and twisted a bit of my front hair and pinned it behind. Also pinned some red flowers (fake) beside the bun.

Maybe the draping wasnt fully correct but still for the time being I am really happy with this look. 😀

What are your plans for Ganesh Chaturti? How excited are you?

Things that I am wearing :

  • Saree – Kanjivaram from South India.
  • Long Necklace – Zaveri Pearls.
  • Choker Necklace – Zaveri Pearls.
  • Earrings – a little shop near my house
  • Bangles – Street side shop
  • Nath (nose pin) –



Finding Inspiration

Sometimes in the run we generally lose track and inspiration. I guess everyone does once in a while, as for me I have such situations frequently. Its difficult to keep track as planned because not always will things happen our way. But then that’s normal and this is how life is supposed to go on. However, one needs to restart again if fallen back. That’s when sometimes you need a little help/nudge to move a step forward. I fall of track very easily and I get irritated with that kind of lifestyle so I immediately stop and wash my brain fully. This is what I do when I know I have fallen out and I want to refresh my surrounding and self.

  1.  Writing it down and facing it – The first step is to sit down, grab a piece of paper/notebook/journal and a pen. Then simply write down everything that has been in your mind. Be honest to yourself and just write down everything that has been troubling you and for which you couldn’t focus on stuffs that you wanted to. Keep digging through your mind and get to the core if necessary and find EVERYTHING that has been a pain in your a**. It can be anything, and whatever you’re writing down, its for your eyes only. While writing down you’ll find there are soo many things in your mind that you didn’t even know consciously. You can type it on your phone/laptop but I’d personally suggest to write it down on a paper. As you start writing down all your problems, you come face to face with it and now you consciously know what’s been in your mind for a while. Be honest with the writing and be brave when facing it.
  2.  Find the reason – The next step is to ask yourself, WHY? Why is it that you’re thinking about whatever you’ve written on paper? What’s the reason behind all the fuss? Ask yourself out loud. You will have your answer, so keep thinking and ask your conscious self that is it really worth all the attention that it is getting? Because sometimes its not even worth all the attention to a particular topic, however our minds do pay a lot of attention to some problems. And if there is attention needed then find the solution to your problem. Write it down and just do it and erase it from your mind. Ask yourself questions like : Why is it that you’re thinking about it? Does it need this much of attention? If yes, then what could I do to solve it? What could be the reason behind this? Ask such questions to your conscious self and you’ll find your answer. 
  3.  Take time off –  After you’re done with questioning yourself, take some time off.  Leave everything behind and just do things that wont include all your worries and troubles. Things that you love and enjoy doing, do all that. Maybe go on a small trip/drive/trek. Have holiday, paint, complete a whole Netflix series, go out watch a movie, have a fancy dinner, throw a party, have a spa session, etc. Do anything that you would love and that would divert your mind and give it a fresh atmosphere to breathe. The mind sometimes need to relax and chill. That’s like the government of our whole body, so it too needs to breathe and for that you need to take some time off and give it a rest. Give your mind a long holiday till the time you think its okay. As you’ll let it chill, it will do so and once it’s fully relaxed, your mind will want to start again. Its all fresh and filled with all new energies and all set to keep its feet on the next step.
  4.  Lights, Camera… – You’re nearly done now. This is my favourite part, as you have a whole new energised mind who is ready to start working again. Get your planner out and organise! I love organising! Make your To-Dos, plan ahead for the month, make list of goals you need to accomplish, etc. De-clutter if needed, because sometimes de-cluttering helps. This step is like getting ready before your shoot. Check every little details and then ACTION!

You now a have completely new slate to work on. You’ll feel more inspired and motivated than before. Do this whenever you’ll feel you’re falling of track and feeling uninspired. One always needs to feel inspired for not to just work but work and improve. Let me know if you try this, I do when I happen to face such problems. I’d love to know what you do too. Hope this helps to people in need of this.

Take Care ❤

Debo x

An Outfit Brighter than the Sun.

Summer in India is a well-known topic to talk about. Its FREAKING hot and sunny. All we wanna do is stay home and have ice-creams, cold drinks, go for a swim, etc. However, one needs to go out even if its sunny and hot. As for me I love Summer! ❤ That’s my favourite season to be honest. And with summer it feels like one should dress accordingly. Happy & Bright! 😀


Outfit Details –



Losing what once was mine.

Nope, this is not about someone I love or loved. This is about me, somewhere along the road of life I’ve lost a part of me from myself. A part I am known for, I am praised for and a part I am proud of. My ability to draw, create a piece that was never created before. Since childhood day I’ve been known for my art in school except the naughtiness.

However, with social media rising so fast I too became a victim to it and lost my talent. I never like to blame someone or something so blaming social media isn’t a reason. It’s my fault. I have been soo busy handling my Instagram aesthetics, my Snapchat stories, posing for the right Facebook dp, that I forgot about the pencil and paper that once held all the stories of my life. Anything big or small would come onto paper and be saved as a memory. My anger, pain, love or any celebration would come onto paper and still live forever. But now, they still live on my social media pages but with a pose for aesthetics,a lot of edits, hashtags, Pinterest copy pasted quotes that at the end it becomes fake and less lively.

I became soo busy that now when I hold the pencil and try drawing, all I have is a blank paper staring back at me. I ignored it soo much that my talent is now ignoring me. I can still draw but only if that’s copying from another picture and sadly this has also affected my designing career. Its painful than a heartbreak, a broken heart will heal with time but how do I get back my own talent. I can feel my heart crying and cursing me when I sit down to draw and end up tidying everything again. Its painful to watch that white paper staring back at me everyday. One would say, “Just practice and you’ll get it back.” But an artist can never be forced to create something. An artist needs a reason to create, an Inspiration to create and I have lost it. For the past few days I have stopped talking to people, though if you follow me on Instagram then you’d see me uploading pictures daily but always remember social media shows what that person wants to show.

I have this faint little voice in my head saying, ” You’ve lost your inspiration. You can no longer draw, no longer create but copy.” I am scared, sad and angry all at once. I am continuously forcing my brain to come up with something but when its time to do it on paper, I cant! This has been happening from a few months, and I didn’t understand at first. I drew a few stuff but was never pleased and slowly I couldn’t draw a line. I used to draw soo much that I would get migraine because I wouldn’t get up for 4 hours straight and be into it soo much. I thought broken hearts were painful but nothing can beat this pain. The pain of your own talent turning its back on you.

As you may know I have never been to any art classes. What I create comes from the heart or a memory captured on paper. To many my art has flaws but to me its perfect. And now that its angry with me. I just dont know what to do. Should I stop trying and give up? But I never give up. Maybe, I’ll take a break and get away for a while. I don’t know but if possible, I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

Take Care ❤

Debo x

Inside the Perfume Booth

Lately I’ve been loving a bit of perfumes. To be honest, I’ve never paid much attention to that area. I let my mum do that for me. I always tell her to get such scents that doesnt make me sick or give me a migraine. I cant bear really strong scents in short.

So recently I discovered a new brand, Perfume Booth. They have a pack called Perfume Selfie, where there are 7 different perfumes. They have 6 ranges for the Perfume Selfie Sets.

  • Lurve Women
  • Sophistique Women
  • Teaze Women
  • Wyld Men
  • Mazculine Men
  • Cazanova Men

I have tried the Lurve Women one. And, Oh My God! I love every smell. All of them have a very fruity and floral scent which I do love. They arent that strong but once its on, people will know you’ve got something good on you. The 7 perfumes that I received are :

  • Maryaj Viveca – Viveca has Neroli, Bitter Orange, Rasberry, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Patchouli, Honey and Amber in it. The smell of it is tantalizing and charming with a sparkling personality that would make you feel young and light hearted.
  • Louis Cardin Gold – This one contains Lime, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Artemisia, Iris, Sandalwood, Patchouly, White Musk and Vanilla. Now you can imagine how amazing this one smells! The warm touch of orange and spices like Vanilla, Saffron and Cloves will attract the senses with the very first spritz of this bottle.
  • Emper Lady Presidente – This has Coconut, Musk and Sandalwood, Lotus, Water Lily, Rasberry, Mango, Nectarine and Blood Orange. Having a spritz of this perfume will be like the embodiment of power with an energetic mix of floral and fruity notes. One can easily seize the day confidently with this bold, daring fragrance.
  • Parfums Lomani Paris Sensual – This has notes of Aldehydes, Fruity green, Jasmine, Lily, Orange, Spicy, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vanilla. Personally, I love this one the most. Having the notes of Ylang- Ylang, Vanilla and Musk makes it even more attractive. If you really like sensual and an extremely feminine scent then you’ll love this!
  • Emper Chiffon – Now this one is also a favourite of mine because it has a fresh fragrance which makes it perfect for Summer & Spring! ( 2 of my favourite seasons! ❤ ) This has notes like Vanilla, White Musk, Jasmine, Rose, Orris, Sandalwood, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot. Though I am not a huge fan of rose scents but this one will be a first.
  • Chris Adams True Reflection – This has a deep aroma of Blackcurrent and Pomegranante, with the mixture of romantic Rose and curious Lemon. This smell is meditative. This contains notes of Lemon, Red Current, Blackcurrent, Raspberry, Rose Petals, Pomegrannate, Violet, Cedarwood and Musk. This has a mixture of woody and fruity scents.
  • Baug Sons Creation Pour Femme – I really like this one too. This one’s got notes of Litchi, Golden Quince, Kiwi, Jasmine, White Chocolate, Orris Root, Musk and Woods. This fruity-floral fragrance is a cross between softness, magic and sensuality – a modern love elixir locked in a bottle.

This also comes with a handy little case where you can put your perfume of the day and take it with you. I guess that makes it even better. I love how the company has put soo much thought into it because generally its a little hard to carry your perfume bottle with you everywhere. I am gonna take full advantage of this case. What about you?

If you’re a perfume lover, I am sure this will be you’re buddy. Go get your Perfume Selfie.

Debo x

Down the memory lane ft. Paper Boat.

When we were all small all we wanted was to grow up. And now that we’ve grown up all we want is get back to our childhood. But that’s never coming back, is it? Thinking about it reminds me of Peter Pan.

But a few days back I got in touch with Paper Boat and they’ve sent me a pack full of childhood memories. This book “Half Pant Full Pant” written by Anand Suspi will really take you back to your childhood. This book is published by Paper Boat who brings back memories with their variety of juices.

This book contains little stories from Anand Suspi’s childhood which will immediately make you go back into your childhood. During my school days I remember as a kid I loved the Malgudi Days and if you have read that and loved it. Then you’re gonna love this book too. Every little story would remind you of some incident that may have happened in your childhood days. I absolutely recommend this book. ❤

And to enjoy the old memories have a drink from Paper Boat’s variety of juices. As for me, I enjoy Aam Panna and Jaljeera the most. But at this season, nothing can beat the taste of some Alphonso Aam! 😀 Childhood memories in mind and heart when reading the book and the taste of childhood memories while drinking. ❤ Best way to spend some alone time. ❤

Have you read this book? What is your favourite drink from Paper Boat?

Take Care ❤

Debo x

Exotic Spritz ft. Neesh Perfumes.

Hello beauts! ❤

So, Neesh Perfumes recently sent me their pikpack perfumes. Now, you may think what is pikpack ? The Neesh Pikpack Perfumes are travel friendly perfume packs which you can carry anywhere, anytime.

Neesh ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients so that we can get a delightful and aromatic experience. The perfumes contain a very high quality fragrances and lasts up to 12 hours! 😀 Each of them are 20ML and are just for 340 INR. You can find the perfumes at Flipkart,, Snapdeal, and Ebay. There are 12 individual Pikpacks as well as 2 Collection pack for women and men.

What I love about the perfumes are their packaging and names. Each of them have an unique name with an attractive packaging.

  1. Zaafran E Hindustan
  2. Sultana
  3. Rose E Mohabatt
  4. Oud De Venice
  5. Belle D Oud
  6. Amour De Oud
  7. Oud E Khaas
  8. Moha Beau T
  9. Eau De Mehfil
  10. Attar-E-Neesh
  11. Attar-E-Nazakat
  12. Attar-E-Ishq

The ones I got sent are :

  • Belle D Oud – It has Honey,Berry Iran Saffron as its top note. Indian Rose, Exotic Prune as its middle note and Musk, Gark Amber as its base note. Its a very striking smell, its a very sensual and powerful smell. The combination of the musk and dark amber makes it strong but the sweet smell of honey and berries give it another side. I would suggest this to the ones who loves a good night out, date, or your wedding day.

  • Eau De Mehfil – This one has Arabian Bakhoor as its top note. The middle note contains Black Rose Patchouli and Base note has Castoreum Agarwood. The smell of this perfume brings back some childhood memories. It has an intoxicating  base and a powerful top note. If you enter a room wearing this perfume, be sure that everybody’s gonna notice you. The smell has that effect. Perfect for the ones who can rock the dance floor at the party.

  • Zaafran E Hindustan – This one has Iran Saffron, Pink Rose as its top note. White Woods and Dark Rose for its middle note. Musk and Amber for its base. This one definitely has a very aromatic touch to it. The musk, dark rose, pink rose and Iran saffron combined makes it even more exotic. The fragrance is very unique. Wear it to any occasion and make everyone notice that you’re there.

I have been loving these smell. They honestly stay up to 12 hours. If you wear it, then be prepared to be asked questions about it. The whole room would smell of you once you wear it. Its that good! ❤ I am absolutely buying more of these. Go get yours if you love a good spritz. One more thing! Youre definitely gonna love the packaging. It has some really cool and intricate designs over the box which makes it even more attractive.

Take Care ❤

Debo x

Friends to Family.

You may know or may not, but I’ve spent 6 years of my life in a hostel. All girls hostel before you think I am really lucky. :p However, I am thankful to those 6 years because I didn’t find friends but FAMILY! A big family with tons and tons of sisters ❤

And amongst them all I found 4 friends. Obviously we all started with friendship and ended being families. I now know if I am in any problem, I’ll have these four beside me. We have shared every little secret with each other even socks! The memories I made with them will always be the best memories. ❤ No matter how many people I meet, they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

During our hostel years, we sat on the same table and ate together, some nights we would make tents out of sheets and pillows then share ghost stories, we would sneak food from the mess and bring it to our rooms and eat (it was illegal in our hostel), took photos together, went on excursions and a lot more! 😀

Now let me introduce them…(finally :p)





They are like a fresh air when I feel suffocated, they can make me smile at my toughest time, they give a lot of courage! They dont even know how much they mean to me and I would be soooo alone without these idiots. ❤ Bloody love them soo much. Can’t wait for the first one to get married because it would be grand especially when you’re the best friend/sister of the bride. 😉

Maybe throughout my whole life I’ll find more amazing friends, but know that you guys will always be the best part of my life. ❤

Do you have any friends or friend who slowly turned into family?

Take care. ❤

Debo. x

Where the Magic Happens.

So you all may know how much I love decorating and rearranging my room. I get bored and unproductive if I have the same decor for a long time, so I always keep them changing so I dont feel monotonous with the look of the room. But this time I really like how my workspace looks. I am a little too organised (…or a control freak) :p I do have a colour theme to my room..Monochrome with greens. However my workspace looks a little monochromatic but all my creativity comes from this place. A little Hogwarts in my room.

Though I have a few bits to add. Like black and white Polaroid pictures on top where the colored ones are hanged. A little pot of Ivy plant on a corner of a shelve and an Areca Palm beside the table where at the moment I have some brown paper rolls. But for now I am quite pleased.

The Vintage notebook is actually my sketchbook and where I draw stuff that inspire me or sometimes play with colours just to get myself inspired again. That little Buddha is a recent gift from Mum when she went to Pelling. And just by those I have a glass jar/container full of Potpourri. On the other side I have my pens,brushes and pencil colours. My glasses and a Black nail paint from Oriflame.

There are some books that I wanted on my table but didn’t go with the colour theme I was wanting so I covered them with White paper. Kept a few that did with the colour theme. The black and silver framed photo was a gift from a lovely friend on my birthday. There is another round frame with a photo of mine when I went to my aunt’s place. The little hanging decor saying “Happy Place” is a DIY I did a long time back.

And finally, this is where I design or just write my blog. Those are my designs and that man is my inspiration to go on. Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee. One of the best fashion designer. He inspires me every time I feel like I am not enough or my work isn’t enough.

So this is my workspace. A little area from my room. 🙂

Take Care. ❤

Debo x.

Cleansing, Scrubbing & Toning.

Hello beauts! ❤

Recently I did a post where I showed all of my skincare routine products and I thought I’ll do a special post reviewing them personally. However, I have added my cleanser,scrub and toner into one post just because they are like triplets. You need three of them together.


I started using this face wash last year and since then I have been addicted to it! It clears up all my makeup even the waterproof mascaras and brightens your skin. It also purges the pores. It is a 100% soap free cleansing gel so after using it, it doesnt feel harsh on your skin rather leaves it smooth, soft and fresh. It has helped me soo much to clear my skin because I have an oily skin type I also get a lot of spots and when they leave, they just leave their marks but this face wash has been a life saver. Trust me I dont use any makeup remover! (crazy? I know) Because this cleanser just gets rid of all the makeup. The smell isnt that strong for people who dont like products with fragnance and it would just make you feel fresh altogether. The price is 112 INR. And any Vegans or people who are trying to become one, this company does not test on animals! So its safe. ❤


This product is another favourite from my skincare routine. The skin after using this product is just baby soft skin. It clears my blackheads and cleans the pores. After using this you can bid your goodbyes to all those dead skin cells. I love how my skin feels since I’ve been using this. You can also see the walnut bits in it. It contains walnut oil which is rich in Vitamin A and Lecithin. Extracts of neem, mint, fenugreek and red sandalwood are also present in the product to replenish your skin and fade fine lines of early ageing. Get this if you want a great scrub. Absolutely recommend this.

This is just the last step with all the ‘cleaning my face’. This toner contains  pure honey, aloevera, manjishtha, nutgalls, carrot, sandalwood, and the fresh waters found in the foothills of the Himalayas. I dab some on my cotton pad and just wipe my face and neck with it. This just cleans every last bit of makeup or dust on my face. Though the taste of it is soo bad but how does that matter when the toner works wonder? It gives a fresh look on your face and your skin would just feel like its breathing fresh. Sounds weird but honestly try it. I am sure you’ll love it. Another recommend.

Have you ever used these? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Take Care ❤

Debo x.