Trip to Shantiniketan.

This year I have decided to explore and travel more. In the past years because of my anxiety I’ve had problems with going out and travelling. But last year I had a lot of improvement and this year I want to get better. So my first outing of the year was to Shantiniketan, hometown of […]

What 2017 taught me.

2017 was one heck of a year! And it has taught me a lot of things before ending. I feel every year passes only to teach you a lesson, its like a chapter ends with a moral. This year I have learnt to let go. Let go of things that has been holding me down […]

Down the memory lane ft. Paper Boat.

When we were all small all we wanted was to grow up. And now that we’ve grown up all we want is get back to our childhood. But that’s never coming back, is it? Thinking about it reminds me of Peter Pan. But a few days back I got in touch with Paper Boat and […]

Friends to Family.

You may know or may not, but I’ve spent 6 years of my life in a hostel. All girls hostel before you think I am really lucky. :p However, I am thankful to those 6 years because I didn’t find friends but FAMILY! A big family with tons and tons of sisters ❤ And amongst […]

A reason to live?

Going through social media, I often see statuses stating they have no reason to live for or their life sucks because there isn’t anything good in it. Well to such statuses the reason behind it is mostly breakups, broken heart talks, failed an exam, fought with someone close or something really bad happened. But, life […]

Tea/Coffee Talk : Finding Motivation?

Hey guys, Just uploaded this video where I talk about finding motivation and how to not procrastinate. One thing that we love to do :p I hope this helps any of you who has been having troubles with motivation or procrastination. Let me know in the comments below if you have any new videos that […]

Still trying to be an artist..

Hey 😀 I have always felt that art has helped me soo much to show what’s in my mind. I have always been that person who would choose the hardest art topic to draw in class. I dont even know why 😛 however I have always felt that I was created to create. There hasn’t […]