First Fashion Show

Recently I had a project assigned to us by our teachers to style up 2 members from each group. I and my friend had to dress up as people from 1920s. I dressed up as the famous Flapper Girl from that era and my friend dressed up in men’s wear because thats the era when […]

Peshwai for Ganesh Chaturti

    Ganesh Chaturti is knocking on the door already. The start of all festivals for Indians. Now soon Navratri and on it will go. However, when we think about Ganesh Chaturti all that comes to our mind is Maharashtra’s Ganesh Chaturti. Hence, Peshwa Ganesh. Now lets come to the point..I love how Maharashtrian women […]

An Outfit Brighter than the Sun.

Summer in India is a well-known topic to talk about. Its FREAKING hot and sunny. All we wanna do is stay home and have ice-creams, cold drinks, go for a swim, etc. However, one needs to go out even if its sunny and hot. As for me I love Summer! ❤ That’s my favourite season […]

Touch of Royal.

Hello ! ❤ Umm…so yeah I look pretty dolled up :p don’t I? First things first…I am not getting married or this isnt any sort of hint for the big day :p I will soon be turning 20 :p Let me live. I tried to do a royal look I once saw while scrolling through […]

Ways To Style : #1 Plaid Shirt for Fall

Hello 😀 I have been jotting down some ideas for blogs and videos recently but because of some recent festivals I couldn’t really put myself to it. Now that I have time I will be uploading more 🙂 So as you can see from the heading…I wanted to start this new series where I can […]