The heart that turned stone..

The heart craves for love, unconditional, comforting true love. The heart never thinks, it goes for it. It breaks. A heart of stone can be turned into a heart. But a heart turning into a stone is a disaster. A hurricane of emotions, thoughts, feelings. Just like a hurricane lasts for a few minutes but destroys everything, leaves no hope. Similarly the heart then stops … Continue reading The heart that turned stone..


Ishq or išq- (Arabic: عشق‎‎, Urdu: عشق‎, Persian: عشق‎‎, Central Kurdish: عیشق‎) in classical Persian, literally means ‘love’. A very delicate word. However I am in Ishq with the word Ishq. I prefer saying Ishq rather than Love. Recently I have been thinking a lot about this word…how it feels when it happens and how will you know when it does? Is everything happy and … Continue reading Ishq.