How to Gain Confidence.

Growing up being a piece of brownie I had troubles facing the world. Especially when I entered in my teen years. Pimples, spots, etc made their grand entry and the world got meaner. And back then when someone would want me to be in front of the camera, I always covered my face or turn […]

What 2017 taught me.

2017 was one heck of a year! And it has taught me a lot of things before ending. I feel every year passes only to teach you a lesson, its like a chapter ends with a moral. This year I have learnt to let go. Let go of things that has been holding me down […]

Friends to Family.

You may know or may not, but I’ve spent 6 years of my life in a hostel. All girls hostel before you think I am really lucky. :p However, I am thankful to those 6 years because I didn’t find friends but FAMILY! A big family with tons and tons of sisters ❤ And amongst […]

A reason to live?

Going through social media, I often see statuses stating they have no reason to live for or their life sucks because there isn’t anything good in it. Well to such statuses the reason behind it is mostly breakups, broken heart talks, failed an exam, fought with someone close or something really bad happened. But, life […]

The heart that turned stone..

The heart craves for love, unconditional, comforting true love. The heart never thinks, it goes for it. It breaks. A heart of stone can be turned into a heart. But a heart turning into a stone is a disaster. A hurricane of emotions, thoughts, feelings. Just like a hurricane lasts for a few minutes but […]


Ishq or išq- (Arabic: عشق‎‎, Urdu: عشق‎, Persian: عشق‎‎, Central Kurdish: عیشق‎) in classical Persian, literally means ‘love’. A very delicate word. However I am in Ishq with the word Ishq. I prefer saying Ishq rather than Love. Recently I have been thinking a lot about this word…how it feels when it happens and how […]

8 Things 2016 taught me.

Hey guys! 😀 HAPPY NEW YEAR! ❤ I hope this year brings a lot of opportunities and happiness in your life. And 2017 becomes YOUR YEAR. 🙂 I wish you get all the things you want to achieve this year. ❤ Lets kill it this year! ❤ However 2016 came and went really fast (really […]