Review | Wella Oil Reflections Smoothening Treatment.

Aloha! ❤

Sorry I wasnt well yesterday so I couldnt post anything. Today? I feel better. 🙂 So as you may have known I received 3 stuff from the Smytten Box earlier and this was also there in the box 😀 This is like Snape’s potion in a bottle!! ❤ Not even joking you guys! I have a rough hair. Can’t blame anyone but me. I have not been taking care of myself lately and somehow I managed to destroy my new cut hair. But this potion ❤ changes my hair texture after applying it. I dont know how? But it freaking does!

The packaging is normal like any other serum bottle. You can use it on dry hair for shine reflection or you can use it on damp hair for smoothening. I take 2 pumps max because I have cut my hair really short now. And I guess taking extra would make it oily. I have never used it on dry hair. I always applying it after washing my hair and wiping it a little. The smell?! It is amazing! After applying it I went to my mom and she was like what have you put on? It smells lovely! And I was like it must be my hair. Yes it was! ❤ Everytime I use it I just cant stop myself from smelling my hair. I f you think I am crazy then try it for yourself.

People who have frizzy, rough or damaged hair like me can trust this bottle. Seriously you guys after applying this when my hair was dry I was shocked. It was like I went to a hair spa and had my hair smoothened! Its amazing.

It’s a 30ml bottle and costs 400 INR. A little drop everytime you use it and it will go a long way. I am surely purchasing this after I am finished with it. Ooh! Plus a little more dad loves this too. He loves taking care of his hair so everytime I purchase a serum he would use it and for now he’s been loving this just like me. My mom’s not a big fan of serums I dont know why. Maybe because she has lovely smooth hair already 😛

Anyways if you are looking for magic potions for your unmanagable hair? Then this is your potion right from Hogwarts. 😀


Hope this helps you or some of you. 🙂

Take Care. x


10 thoughts on “Review | Wella Oil Reflections Smoothening Treatment.

    • I don’t know if they send it to Dubai but you can try. You have to download the app from the playstore. They take 24 hours to send a mail back so after that you can access and order 3 stuff free for trial.


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