Want To Be Nosy?

Relationship Status- Single. Crush- I have celeb crushes. Who makes you smile- My best friend Shouvik and my cat Lalu. Favourite Flower- Lavenders and Tulips. Last hug- I dont remeber the date but when Shouvik was all set to leave. Favourite Quote- ‘She believed she could so she did.” Whats’s your biggest insecurity- To be […]

30 mins Choco Chip Cookies!

I thought of adding something to new to my blog. Who wants some cookies?! I DO!! I love me some cookies! *jumping up and down with excitement* This choco chip cookie recipe is sooo easy and all the ingredients are like super easy to find in the market. Best part you can make these if […]

Liplicious For Summer

Hi my lovelies! Summer is here and it is calling for some nice subtle makeup. I mean Red is an all year round color to go for the lips however in hot places like India where I live. It’s better to avoid really heavy make up at least during day time because the sun will […]

Soon to be 19!

Sorry. I was meant to upload this yesterday but to be honest I completely lost track of what day it was. I thought yesterday was Wednesday for some reason and knew I had to upload to day but in the morning when I saw my planner. Shock!! *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what am I doing with my life*. […]

Get Ready For Coachella’16.

  I have always wanted to do a lookbook. I know its not how one should a lookbook but no harm in giving my first try. As Coachella starts from 15th April – 24th April this year I wanted to do a Coachella Style Lookbook. As it is that The Coachella Valley Music and Arts […]

How To Live A Better Life?

This post means a lot to me because I am one of those people who would go miserable and again gain back my confidence somehow to live a better life. So this would help me if I go through such times and if you are going through such time at the moment then I sure […]


I will now upload a blog post every Friday and Wednesday. So check out on these days to have a read. And an exciting news is that I have some amazing blog posts coming up soon and an exciting news too 😀 I cant wait to post them and share the news as well! I […]