Down the memory lane ft. Paper Boat.

When we were all small all we wanted was to grow up. And now that we’ve grown up all we want is get back to our childhood. But that’s never coming back, is it? Thinking about it reminds me of Peter Pan. But a few days back I got in touch with Paper Boat and […]

Exotic Spritz ft. Neesh Perfumes.

Hello beauts! ❤ So, Neesh Perfumes recently sent me their pikpack perfumes. Now, you may think what is pikpack ? The Neesh Pikpack Perfumes are travel friendly perfume packs which you can carry anywhere, anytime. Neesh ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients so that we can get a delightful and aromatic experience. The […]

Friends to Family.

You may know or may not, but I’ve spent 6 years of my life in a hostel. All girls hostel before you think I am really lucky. :p However, I am thankful to those 6 years because I didn’t find friends but FAMILY! A big family with tons and tons of sisters ❤ And amongst […]