Embarassing Old Photos!

Childhood pictures are those moments captured where we are happy to see it but at the same time really embarassed especially about what we wore (unless you were born in a Stylist’s house ;P )It’s been 2 days that I have been going through my old pictures and MY GOSH I FEEL I WENT FROM […]

Recent Project Ideas.

I vanished for somedays because I had due dates of my projects and was realllly busy with all of that. The last date was today but I will be submitting on Monday *permission taken* because I haven’t finished my work. (naughty typical lazy me). However I did miss writing so here I am again! Even […]

Just SOOOO Happy!

Today was my 2nd project submission date and so off I went to college in the morning. As everybody lined up one by one to show what they have done…non of the students allowed me to show first as because they said if Sir checks mine first, he wouldnt like the rest of their works. […]

50 Facts About Me Tag Questions.

I love doing such kind of posts…I dont know why. I am a little weirdo 😛Anyways here you go..50 random facts about me. Full name- Deboleena Biswas (obviously…*rolling eyes*) Zodiac Sign- Aries 3 Fears- Spiders, Water and losing loved ones. 3 Things I love- Drawing, keeping everyone in a good jolly mood and reading. My […]