Loooooooooooong time no blog!

Heya guys! Sorry for not posting for so long 😦 Yes, as per my heading, looooooooooong time no blog. Now that is because I have been verrry veerry busy with my recent schedule which is completing deadlines for my fashion designing projects. Its due next week and I have 3 subjects altogether. You could obviously say, “it’s nothing.” But then in one subject I have … Continue reading Loooooooooooong time no blog!

Daily Blog | That time of the month! (19.8.15)

Hello!! It’s those days of the month when a girl just wants to lie down and get all the comfort she can. Well, yeah obviously I too go through Β this. Anyway, I apologize for not blogging yesterday. I really couldn’t. I was too sick. However, I have forced myself today to not break the daily blog chain and post. Yesterday and today have not been … Continue reading Daily Blog | That time of the month! (19.8.15)

Daily Blog | A poor day with Photos Of The Day (15.8.15)

HiToday has been so poor a day. 😦 Yesterday night I slept with a bun on top of my head. In the morning it was loose but it had already done its damage throughout the night. If my hair is pulled into a tight bun or ponytail then I get bad headaches. As it is I already suffer from migraine. So my day started off … Continue reading Daily Blog | A poor day with Photos Of The Day (15.8.15)

Daily Blog | All day work day (14.8.15)

Hi!Welcome to my first ever daily blog post #1. *woop woop*Well, I had college today but I didn’t go. :p Call it my laziness.However it wasn’t a lie-all-day day for me, more like a work-all-day day!I had some baked beans and toasties for breakfast. *YUM* Happy-after-YUM-breakfast-look but uglyand work loaded me 😦 And then I headed straight to my room and started working. As you … Continue reading Daily Blog | All day work day (14.8.15)