Loooooooooooong time no blog!

Heya guys! Sorry for not posting for so long 😦 Yes, as per my heading, looooooooooong time no blog. Now that is because I have been verrry veerry busy with my recent schedule which is completing deadlines for my fashion designing projects. Its due next week and I have 3 subjects altogether. You could obviously […]

An Idea?

Hi!I had an idea in these last few days when I didn’t post anything.Why don’t I start Daily Blogging? 😀And once a week, I’ll write a special post! A surprise perhaps!?Well, then daily blogging starts from tomorrow! 😀Hope you had a nice day! See ya.. :*Bye x Excuse my random expressions! :p

What’s in my handbag??!

Hi!I have seen so many people do this, by the header you already know what I mean. Yep! It’s a What’s In My Handbag post.To be honest, I am a very nosey person since childhood. I was always curious about what my mother carried in her bag. That curiosity remained unabated for long. But, recently […]

Smiling is not Hard.

Hey there!I promised myself of to smile a lot and spend every day as if it was my last. So, I thought, why not write about it to all my lovely readers? Everybody go through such moments where they forget how to smile. That is sad.My love doves! Make-up can make you look amazing but […]

Broken Butterfly?

Hi!Are you a recent broken butterfly? Are those beautiful wings of yours broken?Don’t you want to get up and fly again? Don’t you want to spread the magic you have in your heart? Don’t you feel like sprinkling the fairy dust and making your life beautiful…. yet again?Maybe it’s hard now. You are scared, someone […]