The true you.

Recently, I have been noticing things which compels  me to write this today. Maybe it could just stop you from making a mistake. As you can see by the heading, I am talking about how people are losing themselves for people approval. My question is WHY? Teenage girls are always so conscious about themselves. But […]

My extra hand.

I couldn’t stop myself from writing about Him. My extra hand. God has provided me with two normal hands. However, the person I’m talking about today has been the most cherished part of me. He has not only been the lighthouse to my sinking ship, but also the guiding star. Yet he would never let […]

My Haircare Routine.

 I just thought I should share my haircare routine with you all. So, here goes… I am a college student. So, the time and money I can invest to pamper my hair is pretty limited. Consequently, the products that I personally prefer aren’t of high end brands. I have college on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. […]

Women and their shoes.

I was lying in my bed thinking about a good topic to write about for you all when I saw a pair of heels peeping from my wardrobe. Aha! Shoes! ‘Women and their shoes’ just popped up in my mind and I feel like I have hit the jackpot. What first came to your mind […]

Question Tags: 25 Facts About Me.

Now for some fun!I thought it would be nice to tell you some stuff about me. So I chose to do this 25 Question Tags About Myself. What is your middle name?: I have no middle name, I guess. :p What is your favorite subject at school?: English, Literature mainly, and Art. They run on the same track […]


Hey people,This is Deboleena to you. I’m a cheerful teenager striving to become an indispensable friend to all my readers. I’m a little off beat and my dance is often riddled with missteps. Life has taught me that, true liking is being endeared not despite but because of who I am. Hope you enjoy the posts […]