An Outfit Brighter than the Sun.

Summer in India is a well-known topic to talk about. Its FREAKING hot and sunny. All we wanna do is stay home and have ice-creams, cold drinks, go for a swim, etc. However, one needs to go out even if its sunny and hot. As for me I love Summer! ❤ That’s my favourite season […]

Touch of Royal.

Hello ! ❤ Umm…so yeah I look pretty dolled up :p don’t I? First things first…I am not getting married or this isnt any sort of hint for the big day :p I will soon be turning 20 :p Let me live. I tried to do a royal look I once saw while scrolling through […]

Ways To Style : #1 Plaid Shirt for Fall

Hello 😀 I have been jotting down some ideas for blogs and videos recently but because of some recent festivals I couldn’t really put myself to it. Now that I have time I will be uploading more 🙂 So as you can see from the heading…I wanted to start this new series where I can […]

Huge Haul!

Lately I have been shopping a lot. I just felt I had to go through a lot so I needed little gifts for myself. Just to treat myself with appreciation to get through all the troubles with a positive mind and heart. 🙂 You should try it too. It makes you happy and encourages you […]

Get Ready For Coachella’16.

  I have always wanted to do a lookbook. I know its not how one should a lookbook but no harm in giving my first try. As Coachella starts from 15th April – 24th April this year I wanted to do a Coachella Style Lookbook. As it is that The Coachella Valley Music and Arts […]