DIY Phone Case

Why buy a case when you can make one! 😀 It is really easy and cute at the same time. Let me know if you like and make it. If you do make it tag me in Instagram hash tagging  #deboleenabiswas. Would love to see them 🙂 Well let’s begin. Things that you would need: […]

Spice up with mason jars!

Hey there! As you may already know that I had been doing some redecoration in my room and I am still not done. Some little pictures to add and some good decor maybe 🙂 Well I am still on it. However I just wanted to share something as well. While Spring cleaning my home one […]

6:23 pm and in pain.

That time of the month where I have painful cramps and dont really know what to do. I do have some pain killers for times when it gets to an extreme point. However I already had one today and trying to suck up the pain so I dont have to have another one. It’s 6:23 […]

Nail this Summer!

Firstly I would say I am one of those who doesn’t really pay attention to her nails. 😀 You would always see no polish on my nails because I just can’t maintain them. I am soo jealous of people who can TELL ME WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? :p I always end up having chipped nails […]

Summer Essentials (Bag Edition)

We all have this love-hate relationship with Summer. Somedays you just love it when go out to a beach for just have a great picnic or there are days when you absolutely hate it because the heat kills you. Well in India mostly people hate it (except me…I am a weirdo). However there are some […]