The night before..


Its the night before my big test. As you may already know that I was getting ready for a test for getting into one of the best institutes of Fashion Designing in India. The test is literally like a nightmare!! And to make it even better for me it has Maths. MATHS!!! And just so you know I am not the best at Math 😦 So thats a big challenge for me.

However I am very happy with my progress. I feel a little tensed but I am also okay and not freaking out. I have a feeling it’ll be good. I have a 3 hour CAT exam and then 1 hour break. After that 2 hours of GAT. Oh my the time it would be 4 pm and I have to be there at 9 am. So I’ll be really tired by the end of the day.

I just wanted to write this down because I have already written soo much of my life into this blog and guess didnt wanna miss this major scary night of my life too. I know its not the best blogpost but I promise I’ll come up with a better one next time.

I’ll just go to bed now. Need to get up early. Wish me luck you guys ❀

Take Care ❀

Debo x ❀


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