WTF Is going on?

The heading? Yeah..I have no idea myself. March was kind of a month where I hibernated the whole time. A lot of stuff has happened. A bit of heartbreak.. Also I passed the 1st test for getting into my dream institute! That’s probably the silver lining to the whole month. I’ve been really disappointed with myself because January and February went really productive but something … Continue reading WTF Is going on?

The heart that turned stone..

The heart craves for love, unconditional, comforting true love. The heart never thinks, it goes for it. It breaks. A heart of stone can be turned into a heart. But a heart turning into a stone is a disaster. A hurricane of emotions, thoughts, feelings. Just like a hurricane lasts for a few minutes but destroys everything, leaves no hope. Similarly the heart then stops … Continue reading The heart that turned stone..


Ishq or išq- (Arabic: عشق‎‎, Urdu: عشق‎, Persian: عشق‎‎, Central Kurdish: عیشق‎) in classical Persian, literally means ‘love’. A very delicate word. However I am in Ishq with the word Ishq. I prefer saying Ishq rather than Love. Recently I have been thinking a lot about this word…how it feels when it happens and how will you know when it does? Is everything happy and … Continue reading Ishq.